Grand Leisure products are made with high-performance materials and uncompromising quality to withstand the outdoors. To protect your investment and guarantee many happy years, we recommend covering your frames when not in use for an extended period, removing the cushions, and storing them in a dry place. Please download the Love & Care Materials Guide for more details on how to properly clean and care for your furniture. All warranties are presented to the original purchaser and are non-transferable. Grand Leisure furniture is built specifically for residential use and is not designed for commercial settings.

I. Claim Processing

Please contact our Customer Service team with claims by phone at (877) 672-3727 or email at Be prepared with the original receipt and photos of defects.

II. Warranty Period

The item(s) you have purchased are warranted as outlined below:

Frames (5-Year Warranty)
Our aluminum frame construction is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. Damage to frames or welds resulting from improper assembly or exposure to water and/or sub-freezing temperatures are not covered. Components such as adjustable feet-glides are subject to wear and tear and are not considered part of the frame. If you experience freezing winters, frames should be stored indoors in an upright position to allow for proper drainage. Frames stored upside down can accumulate water that can freeze and cause structural damage that is excluded from this warranty.

Finishes (1-Year Warranty)
Paint finishes are warranted against peeling, cracking, and blistering for one year from the purchase date provided the item has not been scratched or abraded. Chips and scratches or fading resulting from normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements are not covered. Our “hand brushed” metal finishes are truly brushed by hand! There are natural variations in the stroke application by the artist– this is considered a normal characteristic of the style and will not affect the performance of your furniture and thus is not considered a defect.

Sunbrella® Fabrics (5-Year Warranty)
Sunbrella® fabric is protected for a period of five years against becoming unserviceable due to abrasion, pilling, and color, or strength loss from normal use and exposure conditions, including sunlight, and atmospheric chemicals. Fading and/or discoloration resulting from exposure to storms, extreme heat or sunlight, oils, spills, stains, fluids, chemicals, cleaning products, water damage, or any other cause are not covered. Mildew and mold grow on dirt that can accumulate on top of fabric if not properly maintained, please refer to the care guide for details. Application of a post-treatment voids this warranty.

Cushion Cores & Tailoring (3-Year Warranty)
Our fabric is warranted against separation at the seams for three years from the date of purchase due to defects in workmanship. Loss of resilience, loft, or crown in the cushion core is not covered. The seat and back cushions will soften and conform to the shape of the user as a result of normal use. This is not considered a manufacturing defect. Only manufacturing defects will be covered. Please refer to the care guide for proper cushion care.

All-Weather Wicker (5-Year Warranty)
Our wicker weave is warranted against separation and tearing for five years from the date of purchase. Fading and/or discoloration resulting from exposure to the elements, oils, spills, fluids, chemicals, or any other cause are not covered. Because our wicker is handwoven over each frame, there is a natural variation in the weaving pattern which is indicative of hand-woven products and would not be considered a flaw or defect.

Stone or Porcelain Tile Table Tops (1-Year Warranty)
If a stone or porcelain top develops structural defects due to materials and/or workmanship during the first year from the date of purchase, we will replace the tabletop. If the original tabletop is not available or has been discontinued, Grand Leisure® will replace it with the closest comparable model. Fading, chipping, or pitting can occur in natural stone surfaces and these conditions are not covered.

Fire Table Burner (1-Year Warranty)
Fire burner and control panel are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Component Parts (1-Year Warranty)
If a part (adjustable glide, bolt, wheel, etc.) fails due to a manufacturing defect within one year from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace it with the same or suitable alternative if the original is no longer available.

III. Shipping & Handling

We will pay shipping for your replacement part or products for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

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