Outdoor living spaces come in all shapes and sizes — and their uniqueness is part of what makes them so special! You might feel limited by square footage, but setting up your ideal patio (or porch or deck) doesn’t require a huge space or budget. 

Investing in multifunctional pieces — or furniture you can use in multiple ways —  is a smart, cost-effective way to maximize what you’re working with and create a space that’s inviting, functional, and versatile.

Intrigued? Here are a few more reasons why we love multifunctional outdoor furniture.

Helps you make the most of limited space

Not all of us have spacious patios, decks, or yards that can accommodate separate furniture sets for dining, lounging, or chatting by the fire. (This is especially true for those of us that live in more urban areas!) 

While you can’t add square footage to your outdoor space (at least under typical circumstances), you can choose furniture that helps you use what you’ve got more effectively and efficiently.

One of our favorite examples of a multipurpose piece? The fire table. By day, slide the fire bowl cover in place to transition the piece into a traditional coffee table. Voilà! The perfect setting to enjoy a meal, drinks, or game night with family and friends. And by night? Remove the cover and enjoy the cozy warmth and soft glow of flickering flames. Trust us — you’ll have a hard time ending the evening.

Minimizes clutter

Nobody likes clutter. It makes a space look smaller and less inviting. Plus, it can detract from the natural beauty of your yard. Instead of cramming multiple pieces of furniture into limited space, choose a multipurpose piece that can do double-duty. Your space will look more spacious in no time.  

One of our favorite pieces of clutter-minimizing furniture? Storage tables and ottomans. These pieces can hold outdoor essentials that would otherwise be on full display, distracting from a clean, peaceful aesthetic. We like to use these storage spaces for everything from blankets and towels to outdoor games and gardening tools. 

In addition to minimizing clutter, storage pieces also up the convenience factor. Instead of always having to carry what you need for the day from inside the house or garage, you can keep those essentials close at hand, ready to go.


You can create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted on a budget, and multifunctional pieces will help you along the way. Because these pieces do double-duty (perhaps even triple-duty), they’re a great option for the cost-conscious. 

All of the pieces we’ve described — from fire tables to storage pieces — can help you stay on-budget. Another favorite example is the beloved, versatile ottoman, which can serve as a footstool or additional seating during large gatherings. (No need to spend money on extra chairs you’ll rarely use!) And speaking of triple-duty . . . top your ottoman with a tray and it transitions to a small table: the perfect size to hold a few drinks or snacks. 

Multifunctional furniture sets are all the rage — and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to maximize their space, minimize clutter, and save money while they’re at it? We design with form and function, and always with you in mind, which is why you’ll find many multipurpose pieces throughout our collections. Explore even more sets here, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.