You’ve got a great outdoor space . . . now how should you fill it? When you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, it’s important to consider a number of factors: functionality, comfort, materials, cost and (of course) the size of your space. Square footage and layout will determine how many sets or groupings of furniture you should purchase, as well as the optimal size of each individual piece. 

Before you go shopping — whether it’s online or in-store — it helps to make a quick sketch of your space and note the dimensions. Then, as you browse furniture, keep these space-related considerations in mind.

Maximize space and minimize clutter with multifunctional pieces

Have a small space to work with? You might feel limited by square footage, but setting up your ideal patio (or porch or deck) doesn’t require a huge space or budget. 

Investing in multifunctional pieces — or furniture you can use in multiple ways — is a smart, cost-effective way to maximize what you’re working with and create a space that’s inviting, functional, and versatile.

Multifunctional furniture sets are all the rage, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to maximize their space, minimize clutter, and save money while they’re at it? We design with form and function, and always with you in mind, which is why you’ll find many multipurpose pieces throughout our collections.

Las Palmas 4-Piece Fire Chat Set (Grey)

Fire chat sets — like this set from the Las Palmas collection — is a great example of a multipurpose piece. By day, slide the fire bowl cover in place to transition the piece into a traditional coffee table. By night, remove the cover and enjoy the cozy warmth and soft glow of flickering flames.

Don’t forget to factor in walking space

Measuring your outdoor space for furniture? Don’t forget to consider the space you’ll need to walk around the furniture comfortably. The ideal “walking path” around and leading up to furniture is two to three feet. Any less than that, and you, your family, and your guests might have a hard time easily accessing the furniture.

Brandemore 6pc Set by the Pool

Make sure to leave ample space (12”-18”) between sofa or chairs and coffee table. Featured here: the Brandemore 6-Piece Seating Set.

Make way for doors and windows

As you’re measuring your space and envisioning how you might lay out your new furniture, don’t forget to consider your home’s doors and windows. The last thing you want is to purchase furniture for a space only to have it block access to a door or obscure visibility from a window.

Consider how you’ll use the space

Is your favorite hobby hosting elaborate outdoor dinner parties for your friends? In that case, a large dining set — and perhaps a seating set too — will give you the space and seating you need to throw a memorable event. 

Another consideration? Hosting for you might entail multiple trips to and from the kitchen, supplying your guests with food and drinks. In that case, consider setting up your furniture with easy access to and from the back door.

Palomar 7-Piece Dining Set

The Palomar 7-Piece Dining Set  is perfect for entertaining.

Not a fan of hosting? Maybe, instead, you envision your outdoor space being a private sanctuary, just for you. Maybe you host a gathering once or twice a year . . . or maybe you avoid hosting altogether. In that case, a large dining set might not be suitable; consider a smaller set or versatile, multifunctional pieces instead.

Sidney 3-Piece Recliner Set

Looking for a smaller set to enjoy on your own — or with a partner or friend? Look no further than the Sidney 3-Piece Recliner Set.

Curating the perfect outdoor space can be simple and fun! Keep these space-related considerations in mind to choose the ideal furniture set (or sets) for you. Questions? We’re glad to help! Email us at, or fill out our contact form to get in touch.